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Village Walk
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As a tourist you are generally shown the cities, towns and monuments in India. Real India still lives in the villages. This tour is especially designed for those guests who enjoy seeing and understanding the rural life or the village life in India.

We will take you to a model village which is 20 km. away from the main town of Varanasi. You will walk through the fields and the countryside to experience the rural life, the crops and the vegetations, and you will also see the local rural families and will come to know their life style. You will visit the simple clay-mud houses of the farmers and interact with the villagers with the help of our guide/staff, and will communicate with them and you can also ask questions.

Weaving of Silk Saris and Fabrics has been an important handicraft of this region, and during this tour, you get to see, interact and understand how this hand-weaving cottage industry has helped the economic activities in this region.

During this village tour, it is our attempt to show you and help you experience the different aspects of the village life.

The tour is for 4-5 hours and it costs INR 5000 up to 2 persons, including the transport and a guide service. Every additional person will be charged INR 1000 extra. The tour starts at 6 AM in the summer season and from 8 AM- 11 AM in the winter season.

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INR 5000 up to 2 persons
Each additional person is INR 1000/-

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The tour is for 4-5 hours and it starts at 6 AM in the summer season and from 8 AM- 11 AM in the winter season. If you have any specific time preferences we will try our best to adjust the walk as per your specific time requirements.


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